Be a Man or Be gone

Hardly has anything worthwhile been achieved in life without the undying input of this great commodity. The youth who starts out in life by being afraid to speak what he thinks will usually end by being afraid to think what he wishes. In a world ruled by fear and conformity, where most people have become love and attention seeker, where people rather go against their conscience and their God than go against their lover and fellow man; Where liberty has been traded for security, where “everybody does it, makes it right” has become a rule for the slothful and the folly. It takes courage to stand as a man and be different.

It takes courage for a young man to stand firmly erect while others are bowing and fawning for praise and power. It takes courage to be hooted, beaten, laughed at, scoffed, ridiculed, derided, misunderstood, misjudge, to stand with all the world against you;  It takes courage to unmask your true self, to show your blemishes to a condemning world, and to pass for what you really are; It courage to remain in honest poverty when others grow rich by fraud; It takes courage to do your duty in silence and obscurity while others prosper and grow famous although neglecting sacred obligation;  It takes courage to say “No” squarely when those around you say “yes”.

Stop begging everybody’s pardon for taking the liberty of being in the world, no body created you anyway. There is nothing attractive in timidity, nothing honorable in fear. BE A MAN OR BE GONE. If you would be a man stand up and accept responsibility like a man, be yourself and wish not another, like this poetic mouse.

A mouse that dwelt near the abode of a great magician was kept in such constant distress by its fear of a cat, that the magician, taking pity on it, turned it into a cat itself. Immediately it began to suffer from its fear of a dog, so the magician turned it into a dog. Then it began to suffer from fear of a tiger. The magician therefore turned it into a tiger. Then it began to suffer from fear of hunters, and the magician said in disgust : ” Be a mouse again. As you have only the heart of a mouse, it is impossible to help you by giving you the body of a nobler animal.

Courage is victory, timidity is defeat.

The brave, cheerful man will survive his blighted hopes and disappointments, take them for just what they are, lessons and perhaps blessings in disguise, and will march boldly and cheerfully forward in the battle of life. Our doubts are traitors, says Shakespeare, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to try. “Impossible is the adjective of fools.”

If you are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of poverty, afraid of your fellow man, afraid of death, afraid of life, shall you be also afraid to be You?