Traffic Secrets Review

Without any traffic, your online business would die. While it is nice to have the best-looking website or sell the most useful products to consumers, it is all in vain if no one is coming to see it. In this Traffic Secrets book and course review – we shall cover everything about this ‘value-filled’ Russell Brunson ClickFunnels product. The course isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s one of the best out there on how to drive traffic. At the end of the review, you will know whether to buy it or not.

 What is Traffic Secrets Book?

Traffic Secrets is a brand new book by Russell Brunson. As the name, Traffic Secrets is all focus on how to fill your website and funnel by your dream customers.

Through the book, you will learn the strategy for:

  1. Understanding exactly who your dream customers are.
  2. Where are they interacting on the internet
  3. How to create a right hook to make their attention, drive into your funnel then offer them your products or services.

Traffic Secrets is a training program that helps you discover how to drive traffic to your website or sales funnel. Different other programs only focus on one method; the traffic secrets training not only teaches you the foundation but also teaches you so many ways to drive traffic.

About Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the CEO and co-founder of Clickfunnels (sales funnel software). 15 years ago, he started his first business online by selling potato gun, supplement, ebook…

He sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books – Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

Russell Brunson and his team bring Clickfunnels from ZERO to a million dollars company in just three years. They helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs change their business life, quickly share the message to their marketplace.

Traffic Secrets is a training program originally created by John Reese, which has been bought by Russell Brunson. It claims to explain how to get the best type of traffic to your website, the sort of traffic that is sustainable should social media sites become obsolete.

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What is inside Traffic Secret Program?

Here’s a description of the current 24 modules that were available when Russell bought the program.

What is inside Traffic Secret Program

01. The Foundation – Before diving into your exciting online journey, this module outlines many aspects you’ll want to understand before beginning. This includes what goals you should be setting for yourself, and how your domain can help with your branding (and where to get domains).

02. Market Discovery – This module encompasses understanding everything you need to know about the market you’re entering, such as keeping up with trends, upcoming keywords, where your prospects hangout and what their latest interests are.

This allows you to get a handle on what your market wants to buy, what ad copy works, and how to stay ahead of your market. You’ll be shown how to properly use Google Trends, Google Alerts, current research ads, and what to look for in discussion forums related to your niche. 

03. Copywriting Secrets – While writing is boring, you need to learn how to become a copywriter. You’ll get a crash course here, which encompasses learning power words, awesome headline formulas that can be modified to suit, and why bullet lists work really well.

You will discover why HTML tags help with your ranking, how a video sales letter can give you credibility, and a tool that can display which words have been used most in a competitor’s article.

04. Keyword Science – Keywords, as we all know, are extremely important when it comes to writing your articles. This module will show you important uses for keywords when it comes to your PPC ads and content marketing. Other great lessons here include finding super conversion keywords, a tool called ‘Keyword Spy’ which allows you to spy on your competitors’ keywords, and other keyword specific tools.

05. Email Marketing Tactics – The first lesson in this module focuses on your most valuable asset, your email list. The following lesson shows you how you’ll build your email list with various tools and strategies that all professional marketers use.

You’ll learn how to use this email list to your advantage, and how to keep your list members on your list effectively.

06. Borrowing Traffic – This module basically talks about those that are setting up an affiliate program themselves, not so much being an affiliate marketer. It is learning how you, as a product owner ‘borrows’ traffic from their affiliate marketers. There are strategies, programs and software that can help with all this.

There are also some great tips for making deals with recruiting partners.

07. Shopping Engines & Amazon – Here, the course runs through various product promotions. You’ll learn how to sell products on Amazon, or your own eCommerce online website. Part of this also includes selling a cheap product on the front end, then follow up with a more expensive product. There’s a lesson here that explains how shopping comparison sites such as ‘PriceGrabber’ works, and how it can help with sending traffic to your own store. This module also encompasses product suppliers such as Alibaba, along with Private label rights products, where you take top quality, time tested products, and package them as your own. 

08. Traffic Formulas – What you’ll learn in this module is extremely important because it shows the various traffic sources and which are cheaper than others. Understanding the maths, the analytics and proven formulas that works will benefit you here. Mining traffic involves learning target marketing, split-testing, and understanding the 80/20 rule. Other formulas are also spoken about here in relation to your visitor costs, campaign management costs and unique customer figures. 

09. Buying Media & Sponsorships – This module talks about purchasing media from various avenues instead of just the obvious. There are more advert impression sites than just Google Adwords or Facebooks ads. You’ll learn which other networks can help your online advertising that sells ad space.

10. Google Adwords – This is one of the largest modules that incorporates 39 lessons! So, there’s so much to learn, and this module touches on much of it. Google Adwords can help your adverts get placed in front of the right person at the right time. You will learn how to master Adwords, even though it can be complicated.

Google Adwords is quite complex, and you will learn the details of the best strategies. I’m not going to go through each of the 39 lessons, suffice to say, there’s a lot of work gone into this expansive module. 

11. Podcasts & Broadcasts – Live events such as podcasts and broadcasts are a newer type of traffic generation. This giant business can drive leads to your online business offering tremendous benefits. You’ll get a handle on ‘event marketing’, and why it’s great for your traffic. Live broadcasting is still in its infancy, and you’ll come to understand the huge potential it has.

12. Mobile App Marketing – Here is where you’ll be taught about traffic coming from apps, such as an iTunes app, Android app etc. There are secrets to getting discovered in the app store, which will be explained in this module. It’s possible to get new opt-ins from mobile apps, but you’ll need to understand a few things that are taught here.

13. Software & Widgets – This module is a little beyond the traffic methodology, but it’s possible to generate leads depending on your industry. You will learn the types of software, tools and widgets to make money in your online business. Much of these are extremely high margin products. 

14. Facebook Ads – This is another expansive module with 37 lessons to learn all about how Facebook advertising can help with your traffic generation. We all know that Facebook is the most powerful advertising platform on the planet, so why wouldn’t you consider it.

Facebook reaches so many people, and they know so much about their subscribers. This is how their targeting is so focused. When you like, follow, or share anything on Facebook, they store this data to understand the person that you are.

This module is going to run you through the various aspects of how Facebook advertising will get you paid traffic. You’ll also learn all aspects of how to run a Facebook advert.

 15. Traffic Retargeting – Retargeting traffic is related to following up on your original targeted adverts. This is through Facebook or Google and works because of the buying cycles that happen. Not everyone purchases on first exposure to an advert, so a retargeted advert often gets the sale. 

16. International Opportunities – Why target your own country only? Many marketers only target English speaking Western countries, but there are so many more opportunities for sales. This module will teach you how to target worldwide, which is also cheaper than the dominant countries.

17. Social Media Strategy – You’re going to get a crash course on social media traffic here because it could lead to so many other directions. You’ll get a handle on the purpose of social media, viral social media effects, why hashtags are important, and how to use social media accounts together for more power. 

18. Traffic Recycling – This module will show you how to get traffic from your original traffic. You’re leveraging non-buyers into ‘traffic getters’ for you. Much of this module is also about how email marketing is used to recycle traffic and to recycle previous campaigns. 

19. Google SEO – This is where your free organic traffic comes in. In this module, you’ll come to understand what factors are going to help get your posts ranked highly in the search engines, especially Google.

Part of this involves your website health, on/off-page optimization and setting your website up properly. 

20. Building A Content Factory – This is a follow on from the previous module, but more on the content creation part. This module explains what type of content to create, what format it will come in, who will create it (possibly outsourcing), where the content will be posted and when to publish your great content, such as scheduling. It’s all about managing your content strategy. 

21. Content Curation Methods – This module talks about using other people’s content to curate your own content. It discusses sharing other content and having your content shared. Leveraging your users and customers for content, and getting others to create content for you are all strategies that are covered here.

22. Youtube Marketing – The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube, so it makes sense to leverage traffic here. Getting YouTube videos to rank in Google is just as powerful as many other strategies discussed in this course.

You’ll learn to optimize YouTube videos and understand external factors that affect your ranking. Annotations and CTA’s (Call to Actions) are also mentioned in this module, which are very important. 

23. Expansion & Scalability – Scaling your online business is important to keep ahead of the online curve. This module will explain how to grow your traffic sources, bringing in more targeted traffic, expanding your product offerings and acquisitions. You’ll also learn about reinvesting and leveraging in your business.

24. The Master Plan – Lastly, you’ll watch a single video that provides a master plan for you to follow. You’ll see the roadmap that can be followed for any online business, which is a basic process, and each step is explained in detail. Other steps will be required in-between, depending on your business, but this video explains which stages are required for a successful website business.

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How Much Does the Course Cost?

Traffic Secrets book is free when you pay for shipping. However, you might have to purchase it as part of Funnel builder secrets or as an upsell with other products. 

Pros of the course

  • It contains plenty of useful information
  • Trustworthy authors
  • No filler content


  • You can’t buy the Traffic Secrets course only 


Traffic Secrets helps you discover more way to get traffic online. They teach you the right mindset to start, useful tips, and tactics. Traffic Secrets is a comprehensive, in-depth course that touches every hidden corner of traffic generation. It is essential for any business that wants to increase their traffic. The course contains strategies that are pretty easy to implement, and I highly recommend it.

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Traffic Secrets